hi how r u? crAzE wot hapnd 2day.  Not f2t, pos. pcm l8tr hak

Do you have ANY idea what that means?!  Texting is so popular now, on the cell phone and instant messaging.  Most kids now understand and write this new text language with all it’s crazy shortcuts and lingo.  Their fingers literally fly over the little keyboards tapping out messages as fast as they come in.  So, what are they talking about?  Pretty much anything…Usually harmless teenage stuff but we do know online friends may not be what they seem and we need to be careful so….Here’s a bit of lingo just to keep you in the know:

pos- parent over shoulder

pir- parent in room

asl?- age, sex, location?

aslp?- age, sex, location, picture?

mma- meet me at…

f2t- free to talk

f2f- face to face

h2cus- hope to see you soon

idk- I don’t know

j4f- just for fun

pcm- please call me

ruok?- are you ok?

bf/gf – boyfriend/girlfriend

khuf- know how you feel

hak- hugs and kisses

sol- sooner or later

These are just a few examples of colloquial jargon, one of the most popular. It seems that this is a completely different language.

btw (by the way), the lingo above translates as:

Hi How are you? Crazy what happened today.  Not free to talk, parent over shoulder.  Please call me later, hugs and kisses

Do you know of any more phrases that parents should know about?  Please feel free to leave us a comment!

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