Spyzie is monitoring software. It is dedicated to smartphones. Currently, it is used in more than 234 countries and has more than one million users. It is a tool that has been designed to meet the needs of parents to monitor their children. It is also suitable for companies that want to monitor their employees. It allows remote monitoring of activities from a control interface to access various features and essential data. It is accessible from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. The monitoring is done in real-time.

Compatibility and features

Since Spyzie is intended for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, it is compatible with the most commonly used systems, namely Android and iOS. In particular, it supports recent versions such as Android 8.0 Oreo and iOS 11.0. Spyzie can monitor an iPhone or an iPad without jailbreak. Similarly, it can do the same on Android devices without the need to be rooted.

To ensure its functions, this phone spy software has several features. The GPS function allows indicating the location of the device. It also provides a detailed history of the routes taken by its owner. It offers the possibility of viewing the videos and photos recorded on the phone. Spyzie also has a keystroke recorder to know all the characters that have been used. It allows you to see the messages sent and received.

The monitoring extends to the browser history as well as the visibility of bookmarks that have been saved. The software also displays the call log to view incoming and outgoing calls. Users can view exchanges made on instant messengers like Instagram, Facebook, Wechat, WhatsApp. Among its features, Spyzie can take screenshots. Thus, this phone spy includes a multitude of tools, up to displaying the basic settings and information on the device.

Start tracking with Spyzie in 3 easy steps.

To start tracking a smartphone or a tablet with Spyzie, you need to go through three essential steps:

  • Fulfill the necessary criteria: to access Spyzie’s services; it is required to subscribe to its premium offer. Then, the application must be installed on the device to be monitored after activation. Once these steps are completed, a dashboard is made available to access the phone’s data.
  • Scanning itself: to start watching, you must already open an account. To do this, you need to go directly to the official Spyzie website and fill in all the requested information. After the creation, there is the installation and setting on the target phone. To get the software, you need to download the tracker from the device you want to monitor. It is essential to indicate the operating system during this step because depending on it, the installation has a slight difference, especially for Android. After the building on the device, some configurations have to be made on the dashboard to synchronize.
  • Familiarize yourself with the software: the third step consists of getting to know the features and how the spy software works.

The demo version

To get to know Spyzie better, it offers a trial version to familiarize yourself with its actual capabilities. However, as a demo version, it does not provide full access to all the features of this mobile spy. It only offers access to the basic features.

Offers and prices

To obtain extended access to Spyzie, a subscription to its offers is required. They depend on the type of system. For Android, there are two offers. The first one is the Ultimate Edition, which gives access to the full functionality of the spyware. The monthly fee to obtain the license is €39.99 per month. The price decreases if the user subscribes for a quarter or a year. This offer allows you to benefit from more than thirty features.

The Premium offer is more limited. Some options are not available, including the SIM tracker, the ability to take screenshots, the monitoring of instant messaging applications such as Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Skype, or Hangouts. In total, this offer offers about ten functions only.

Final thought

Spyzie offers some exciting features if they work correctly, as the company claims on its website. The prices are attractive, but each package has different access. The difference between the two offers is enormous. So, it is pretty essential to evaluate your needs properly before choosing the right package. Indeed, the Premium offer is minimal compared to the competition. The proposals seem to broadly push customers to choose the Ultimate offer, which offers three times more features. A positive point to note is the free demo version which allows measuring its performance before subscribing to an offer.


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