Product description and features


FlexiSpy is an advanced phone monitoring software package that includes all the essential features found on products of this genre, plus other great features unique to this particular product.

The package is available in two annual contract plans: Premium and Extreme. Both programs offer all the necessary features: call logging, web activity monitoring, GPS tracking, multimedia monitoring, chat, and social media monitoring, SMS and email monitoring, and more.

With the Extreme version of FlexiSpy, you’ll also record and listen to phone calls and activate and use the built-in camera and microphone to monitor the target device’s ambient listening. A Password Cracker feature is also included with the Extreme version.

The program offers unique functionality. FlexiSpy provides more functionality than any other product of its kind. There are many features included in this software package to list and describe them all. The FlexiSpy website claims to have as many as 150 different parts, and from what we can tell, it’s true.

For a complete list of individual features and the devices it works on, you’ll need to visit the FlexiSpy website.

But you can be sure that no other product manages to do as much. For example, FlexiSpy monitors more instant messaging platforms than any other product – there are currently 13 instant messaging platforms under monitoring.

FlexiSpy covers all the bases.

In almost every industry, the creators of FlexiSpy have done their best to lead the market. Not only does FlexiSpy offer the most features, many of which are currently unavailable elsewhere, but the product is one of the easiest to install and use thanks to a modern package, its customer support, and service second to none.

The only drawback we can find with the product is the price. FlexiSpy is not cheap, but if you need all the features it offers, it is the only choice available. Currently, FlexiSpy is only available in annual plans, and the Premium version costs $149 per year while the Extreme version costs $349 per year.

One of the great options FlexiSpy offers is a 10-day free trial, and if you want to upgrade or downgrade your plan, there will be no problem. FlexiSpy’s site also offers a 50% discount to current StealthGenie users, which is a highly clever and eye-catching marketing scheme that will undoubtedly attract a lot of StealthGenie customers who now find themselves with a discontinued product.

Spyware compatibility

Once again, FlexiSpy scores higher than the competition and is available for a wide range of devices. FlexiSpy currently supports Nokia Symbian, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android phones, and tablets.

Invisible, discreet, and undetectable

FlexiSPY was designed with discretion and undetectability in mind. Many of its features have been specifically developed to be discreet while monitoring iPhone or Android devices. It is also one of the few spyware that offers decryption of user passwords.

FlexiSpy offers a free trial.

FlexiSPY is spyware designed to monitor the activity of iOS or Android smartphones and tablets. This software includes all the essential features a user needs in this type of product.

FlexiSpy customer support

Once again, FlexiSpy does a great job in terms of assistance and support, offering live chat support and an extensive Help menu that includes videos. This level of support is one of the many reasons why some users might approve of FlexiSpy’s price.

FlexiSPY is spyware designed to monitor the activity of iOS or Android smartphones and tablets. This software includes all the basic functionality a user needs in this type of product.


As we said, FlexiSpy isn’t cheap, but no product offers more right now, and no other software of its kind is better designed or is easier to install and use, except perhaps for mSpy.

For some, less expensive products may undoubtedly be a better fit, but for those willing to pay the price, FlexiSpy is in a class of its own and superior. I am very impressed with this product and can highly recommend it to anyone who wants to own the best and most advanced monitoring software available.

Again, since FlexiSpy is not based in the United States, it is likely to remain available with all of its features in the future. Now that FlexiSpy has gained a good edge over the competition, it is also expected to continue to add more features and updates, expanding its compatibility.


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